Sunday, July 24, 2011


So I recently attended a Power of Hope camp and a common activity at such camps is free writing. Basically writing whatever comes to your head with out stopping. As one of my goals from coming back from camp was to be more creative, this is one of the ways I'm doing that. So here goes! Enjoy my mind vomit. :P

Synthesized freedom comes at too high a price because what we really want in life is hidden behind the gauze black and dark in front of our eyes. Push through push through I say, break out break free. Free from your judging mind that limits creativitivy and tells you that you can do it. Tells me that I'm not cool enough. You know what mind, fuck you ! I tore up my cool card ages ago! I can do what I want and I am one of the coolest cats I know! Rocking lines on the mic and I don't smoke the dro you know I flow so slow but passionately massivly getting ideas across but only when it needs to be said, I'm not filling the silence with nonsence that no one ever needed to hear. I'm filling it with silence broken sometimes by a thought that was well thought out. Sometimes that thought comes to slow though, after lightyears of conversation have passed and my thought ran out of gas, no longer holds the same meaning. It seems to me people are so speedy in our culture today, no time to slow down, your mind has to think fast or you get left behind. Schools with timed tests, which test only one small part of your brain, that's not intelligence, that's ignorance. Some of the greatest minds in history didn't test well. So you best tell the leaders of our institutions to start rethinking the structure. What if we could incorporate love into the curriculum leading youth to become powerful positive people posing problems for people who pass judgement on the less fortunate people in life. Now that'd be fresh.

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