Friday, February 27, 2009

My Problem With Blogging

I speak when there is something important that I feel that needs to be said or shared. I've never been too much for story telling but never the less, I love to share of myself and my knowledge. I just don't see the point in rambling on about the trivial details of my life. There is a whole question that arises (and it's a different answer for each individual) of what is worthy to share. What story or event in my life is blog-worthy and what is something just to pass by. What makes a good story and what is plain boring? Are these rhetorical questions or are they not? Am I trying to slip humor into an otherwise slightly drab blog...or not?

Let me give you a hint.... *WINK*
If this makes sense...then good...if not...I have the excuse of the fact that it's 4:41 in the morning!