Sunday, January 4, 2009

Website Completed: My Life Has Returned!

Exciting News!
I have a life again!
After a super long haul, my current website project is done. I know many of my friends and family have noticed my almost constant state of stress and depression and hopefully those times are now over. This project was a huge one almost one too big but now it lays behind me for the most part (I still have minor things to do to get everything running and such but the majority is behind me).

The Website:
The website is: It is a site that is to gather funding for the film "Connected" by Amy Walker. The idea is that the film is "produced" (funded) by the human community (as opposed to a corporate company) and that it's everyone's project as much as the creator's. Each person who donates (only one $dollar) gets their name in the credits of the film.
Overall I am very very proud of my work on the site and over the process I have learned so much.

Technical Overview:
The page website is built on PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and integration with Google Checkout. There is the basic page layout which uses a lot of CSS & JavaScript to display content and create the overall feel of the pages. I'm not going to go into too much detail should this information fall into the wrong hands.

My Standpoint:
I know there are still many things I need to work on regarding client relationsions and this has helped me see that. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to do this because it has forced me to learn so much and that, I have! I now have what I'd consider to be sufficient knowledge in MySQL & PHP and other web technologies, not that I didn't before just that it was very very limited. I know my overall confidence with webdesign (especially that of the dynamic nature) has expanded leaps and bounds beyond what it was before.

I'm not all too sure what else to say but a BIG thank you to those who have helped me along with this process. I really couldn't have done it without you. There were many times in which I have thought about quitting along the process but I fought to stay in the game and it was because of your support that I was able to. (You all know who you are)

So check out the site and then celebrate with me!