Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Wonderful Night

I had a freaking amazing day/date with Sara in Seattle.

So in bland play-by-play style, here we go...
We bused into Seattle together and talked all the way. Upon our arrival, we went to eat some food at the Seattle Center food court and had burritos the size of an infant. We then wandered over to the Key Arena and hung out around the fountain (which is the second time we'd been there and where the first picture of the both of us was taken) before the show started. We went into the show and talked quite a bit before it started (Sara answered tons of questions I had about live sound about array positioning, frequency dispersion, reverberation - direct reflections and more). The show (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) started and it was such a cool experience!

Awesome music played with such expertise and super-super cool lighting! All the while the show was going on we were having a wonderful time enjoying it as well as talking every once and a while about different aspects of the show, ranging from technical to musical, and I just kept thinking about how cool it was to have such a friend to be by my side, someone who I could talk to about the things that excite me (who actually understands me) and share awesome - and not so awesome as well - moments with.

Following the show, we tried to go see FOH on the main floor but were thwarted in our efforts. I then took Sara in a bit of a wild direction to confuse her as I had a (barely planned) surprise in store for her... which was the Space Needle! I think I only have been up there once and that very well may have been when I was only about 5 years old not to mention that we both wanted to go as we are in the process of bidding our adieus to Seattle for now. It was so special going up there as we both were very excited and it actually was quite romantic.

Being up there with Sara reminded me of the many reasons why I'm with her. Among the site seeing and figuring out where everything was in relation to us we talked a lot more just about our lives and the direction that we are going, about us, and something about that moment just made me feel so very close to her.

A beautiful day spent with a beautiful girl who also happens to be my best friend and the love of my life.

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tallulah bleu said...

OH honey how fantastic ! Your passion, enthusiasm , and appreciation for this young woman is inspiring ....
Congratulations to have such a relationship and the heart to see her for who she is...
I trust she feels the same of you as you mentioned you feel understood by her.

Joy , joy !!!