Friday, February 27, 2009

My Problem With Blogging

I speak when there is something important that I feel that needs to be said or shared. I've never been too much for story telling but never the less, I love to share of myself and my knowledge. I just don't see the point in rambling on about the trivial details of my life. There is a whole question that arises (and it's a different answer for each individual) of what is worthy to share. What story or event in my life is blog-worthy and what is something just to pass by. What makes a good story and what is plain boring? Are these rhetorical questions or are they not? Am I trying to slip humor into an otherwise slightly drab blog...or not?

Let me give you a hint.... *WINK*
If this makes sense...then good...if not...I have the excuse of the fact that it's 4:41 in the morning!

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Danny said...

Subtle, and yet just obvious enough that I laughed.

What you say makes sense, and I agree. Part of the reason I haven't had many posts on my blog until rather recently was the fact that I couldn't really decide what to blog about. So much happens in our lives each day that it's hard to decide what's important enough to share.

My solution? Combine blogging about myself and sharing who I am with blogging art/images/video to share with the world. That way if I don't really have anything about myself, I at least can have something to share. Plus, where else am I going to post my poetry and graphic manipulations together in one place?

Also, quit staying up so late! Seriously, you need your sleep :)