Friday, August 1, 2008

Published Photography

Just for fun, I chose to google my name and I came across many things, most of which didn't surprise me at all. Though I came across this one, that was an article from the Marin Independent Journal about my friend, Chris, who worked for the South Whidbey Youth Connection but then moved back to Cali.
The article is a wonderful article about Chris and his connection with nature and his "waterfall spirituality". The article was nice to read and makes me smile to think of Chris (I really should see if I can get back in touch with him) but on top of it all, my photo that I took of him a while back was used for it!

YAY! My photography has been publicly published!

Hmmm I wonder what the prefix "pub" means and how (or if) public and publish are related to each other and I wonder how a plain old pub fits into all of it...hmmm
OOOH! *Looks down at the button below* IT SAYS PUBLISH! :D

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