Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Half-Finished Happiness

Today was a good day.
I had an appointment with a client and then was going to hang out with my friend but she was supporting one of her close friends. I decided that I was not just going to go home though; I need to get out more. I ended up going into Langley for a few hours. I did not find anyone to hang out with but I did end up taking a walk. My walk led me down to the beach where the tide was way out and so I made my way all the way out to the water.
        When I arrived at the water's edge I sat down on a dryer part of the sand bar. Just to be out there with the water in front of me and nothing but beach to my left and right was so peaceful and inspiring. I started to write something while I was out there. It goes as follows:

Seaweed is tumbled by wave upon wave
Water crystals form then are broken again
Current creates crests atop waves then crumbles
The wind winds riddles of unwritten gratitude
While resting on crushed rock; the seagull sits in the sand

Today was a good day.

1 comment:

Rami said...

Yo Ahren, those are some well spoken words my friend. I really enjoyed reading your blog and learning about what has been happening in your life....you sound like you are doing really well. Have fun at the club ;)